Sunday, 7 February 2010

hey... whoever is out there & reading this (if anyone!) ....
I'm katiedoubleyou! from a large town in the North East commonly known as 'Darlo!'
I enjoy photography, drawing illustration, combined.
I'm 22 & currently in my third year at Leeds College of Art & Design.
Just finished my dissertation which was centered around issues to do with the male gaze, the feminist movement & whether or not new technologies help keep a male gaze alive.blah blah enuff waffling!
I am interested in fine art funky edgy photographers usually whose subject matter focuses on people as i find us the most fascinating beings on the planet!... I think you can get so much from a photograph, at ht same time being told so little, having to make up your own story to fit the picture. This is what makes photography interesting. Martin Parr, Sally Mann, Loretta Lux, David lachappelle, Winkler, Cindy Sherman, Lottie Davies... there are too many to name

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